Medical termination of pregnancy (MTOP) is available at Vermont Medical Clinic through Dr Jim Glaspole. Women who are pregnant with less than 63 days since the first day of their last period are eligible to use this service, subject to medical fitness. It is a highly effective and safe way to terminate pregnancy.

The MTOP procedure involves an initial thirty-minute consultation for counselling, information and consent. Blood tests and an ultrasound are requested at the initial consultation. At the next consultation the medications to terminate the pregnancy are prescribed. These are a pack of two types of medication, the first taken immediately and the second 36-48 hours later. Full details of what to expect will be given at the initial consultation. The medications are subsidised on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme. If there are no complications requiring further care a follow up visit is made two weeks after the medications are taken. This visit is essential.

The net out of pocket cost is $250 for the medical services at the clinic plus the cost of the medications at the pharmacy. Complications requiring additional care outside the clinic may incur additional expenses.