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As a large multi-disciplinary clinic located in a purpose built facility, the Vermont Medical Clinic is constantly seeking enthusiastic General Practitioners to join their growing practice.


The clinic is doctor-owned, non-corporate, and there is potential for acquisition of equity in the future. We welcome GPs with special interests and allow these interests to be fostered at the clinic.


The Vermont Medical clinic has a strong focus on quality care, providing a holistic approach focussing on the complete individual. Our team of independent practitioners offer a complete range of general medicine and allied health services, including minor surgery, physiotherapy, podiatry,  psychology, paediatric speech pathology, diabetes education and dietetics. And, with the support of a nursing team for care planning, wound care, health assessments and immunisations, our patients' health is our top priority.

Recent FRACGP graduates may find the Vermont Medical Clinic a very suitable clinic in which to establish their own long-term practice for decades of satisfying medical practice.

Please feel welcome to enquire discreetly and confidentially by email to Daniel Rossiter, Practice Manager, at

I completed my further GP training at Vermont Medical Clinic in 2021 and found it to be an absolutely fantastic working environment.


The staff are lovely and enjoy working there. I found everyone supportive and infinitely patient with me, and I really enjoyed building up working relationships with the patients, many of whom have been attending the clinic for many decades. 

Chiharu Yamano, 2021 GP Registrar

Considering Practice Ownership?

Vermont Medical Clinic has opportunities to join our our Directors pathway program, allowing our team to transition from a tenancy arrangement to part-ownership of the service trust.


In addition to having genuine input into the management of Vermont Medical Clinic, you will be investing in your long term future beyond a percentage.


Enjoy tax effective financial freedom while operating in a flexible and safe working environment with highly trained, passionate and experienced professionals. 

Please feel welcome to enquire discreetly and confidentially by email to Daniel Rossiter, Practice Manager, at

Vermont Medical Clinic Team
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