In addition to General Medicine, Vermont Medical Clinic offers a variety of other health services, to provide our patients comprehensive care in one convenient location.

General Medicine

The team of highly-experienced, independent General Practitioners provide thorough and compassionate medical care for their patients. Whether it be a one-off appointment, or ongoing medical treatment, for the attentive team at Vermont Medical Clinic your health is their top priority.

Wound Management

Vermont Medical Clinic provides comprehensive wound management for both acute and chronic wounds.


Vermont Medical Clinic offers a complete range of immunisations including childhood, travel, flu and Covid-19 vaccinations. More information related to Covid-19 vaccinations can be found here.

Aged Care

Vermont Medical Clinic provides accessible health care for our older patients, with the added convenience of an on-site pharmacy and allied health services. The team of practitioners work with patients and families, to assist them in being independent.

Women’s Health

We offer a range of women’s health services including contraceptive advice, pregnancy, postpartum care, lactation advice and menopause.

Vermont Medical Clinic also offers medical termination of pregnancy (MTOP). Find out more here.

Skin Cancer Checks

Regular skin cancer checks are an important component of a general health check and should be undertaken yearly. Our independent skin cancer doctors offer regular spot and full body skin cancer check clinics.


At Vermont Medical Clinic you can consult with a dietitian to discuss your nutritional requirements specific to your needs.

Paediatric Speech Pathology

Paediatric speech pathology services are available at Vermont Medical Clinic. The service can assess and provide individualised speech therapy for children experiencing communication and speech difficulties.


The podiatrist can work with you to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Custom orthotics can also be made.

Minor Surgery

Vermont Medical Clinic offers minor surgical procedures such as removal of skin lesions, drainage of abscesses, and the repair of wounds using sutures or glue.

Iron Infusions

Doctors at Vermont Medical Clinic alongside our friendly nursing team are available to facilitate iron infusions and provide the necessary care and attention throughout.

Chronic Disease Management

The doctors and nurses at Vermont Medical Clinic work closely with patients to develop individualised chronic disease management plans.

Paediatric Health

Children typically experience their first encounter with their GP at a 6-week checkup, the GP’s can assist with all aspects of children’s health.

Men’s Health

Vermont Medical Clinic encourages men to schedule regular health checks. The General Practitioners will ensure any relevant testing and examinations are completed to ensure you are attending to your health care needs.

Travel Health

When organising a trip to a foreign country, ensuring you have the recommended vaccinations and up to date relevant health information is as important as booking your flight. The General Practitioners at Vermont Medical can offer relevant health advice, administer required vaccinations and prescribe medications where appropriate.

Diabetes Education

Engage in regular checks to manage and help control your diabetes and minimise associated health risks


The physiotherapist can assist with general physiotherapy needs for both men and woman.

Psychological Services

The Vermont Medical Clinic’s in-house psychologist provides a caring and understanding psychological service for patients in all stages of life.

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