Speech Pathology

Natalia Ehrlich is a graduate from The University of Sydney. She is a highly experienced Speech Pathologist who has been working with children and students for the last 15 years. This has involved working at kindergartens, childcare centres, schools, visits to the home and in the clinic.

Natalia sees children and students between the ages of 2 years and 16 years of age with a special interest in working with 2 to 6-year-old children.

Natalia has experience in assessment and therapy for a wide range of speech, language and communication disorders and delays. This includes supporting children and students with:
• unclear speech,
• difficulties with reading and spelling,
• language difficulties,
• difficulties processing auditory information,
• stuttering and fluency,
• Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),
• play skills and social interaction skills.
Natalia is dedicated to assisting children and students that benefit from individual therapy or group therapy. Furthermore, Natalia has an interest in providing group therapies for children with social communication difficulties, and language difficulties which can be key in developing therapeutic treatments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, social pragmatic difficulties, and language disorders, delays. She recognises the importance of liaising with teachers, childcare workers, healthcare workers and parents.

Please contact Natalia for any discussion and suitability of patients via the clinic on 9874 2422.