Please Note: COVID-19 Vaccination bookings, including Boosters, are open 30 to 60 days in advance and can be booked via the links below.

Standard appointment bookings can be made below.

Full Pensioners and children under 18 will automatically receive a discount on the standard fee (of around 25%). Gold Card Veterans will be bulk-billed in all consultations. If you are seeking a bulk-billed appointment and are eligible, or suffering financial hardship, click the Standard Appointment (Bulk-Billing Available) button.

Standard appointments where bulk-billing is available are limited. Only eligible patients, that is Full Pensioners, Gold Card Veterans, and children under 12 will be bulk-billed automatically. Bulk-billing is not available after 6PM or on weekends. For appointments due to severe financial distress, please advise reception before your appointment or on your arrival. The doctor will be informed of your situation, however bulk-billing is not guaranteed.